Physicist, Emacser, Digitales Spielkind



This site is my personal blog and a focal point for my scattered online identities. I intend to use it as a creative space to put thoughts into writing and share my projects through their various stages. Most content will be related to technology and its social impact (when I am feeling reflective and outspoken) and free and open source software and hacking (when I am just messing about).

Terms I would use to describe myself: Researcher and teacher of experimental (sub-atomic) physics, privacy advocate and free software supporter. Passionate about technology and the playful and self-determined use thereof. Long-term Emacs user.

Co-organizer of events for CriticalTech, a community-learning initiative. CriticalTech’s mission is to create a forum for reflections on technological developments and their interplay with society.

Part of the team of applied.life, a network of coaches, scientists, educators, business consultants, and above all diverse human beings, where I offer workshops and lectures, as well as tailored events.

If you want to get in touch with me, please do so! Easiest is via mail or Mastodon (see also links above). My key’s fingerprint for an encrypted communication channel via GnuPG: DE21 4133 BF26 09D1 4E2C 57BA 0300 335B D019 30A8.

When I visit IRC channels on Libera Chat, Freenode or hackint I usually go by the nickname doctorhoo.

Any content on this site that was created by me may be shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. For any source code, the GNU General Public License applies.


Organizations and groups I support and endorse

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The Free Software Foundation and its European sister organization the fsfe work for your rights to use, study, modify and share the software that your digital life depends upon to empower you to control the relevant technology. Become a FSF Supporter today! (or join the fsfe instead) :)


The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been fighting for online rights and privacy for more than 30 years. Become an EFF member today! :)


The OpenStreetMap project is a crucial part of the digital infrastructure of the commons. Become an OSM member today! :)


Digitalcourage actively engages in topics of privacy and digital empowerment. Once a year, they hold the BigBrotherAwards, an negative-price awarded to those who invade and people’s privacy in a sustained and prominent way. Engage with digitalcourage today! :)