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Auto-inserting .gitignore (and license) templates in Emacs

by Hanno on Nov 23, 2020.

When you are using Emacs with the Doom-Emacs configuration, you might have noticed that you are being offered a couple of templates to select from whenever you are opening certain new files: your brand you file will be pre-populated from the template you pick. That is really quite convenient, and I especially enjoy that for files such as the special .gitignore file that tells git what files should not be considered relevant for the repository. As I typically work with repositories holding different types of code (and sometimes mixes thereof), this is really practical! Read More…

Tags: emacs, lisp, git

The Day I Started Worrying and Deleted Google

by Hanno on Sep 13, 2020.

Google aka Alphabet Inc. is deeply entangled in our digital infrastructure and makes money by selling access to the data it collects this way. Deleting my account with them seemed like a very good start into a more self-determined digital life. Read More…

Tags: degoogle, privacy, thoughts

Finding the right and open font for me

by Hanno on Aug 30, 2020.

I have been looking into a more suitable font choice for my blog. While my original and rather spontaneous choice, Mozilla’s “Fira”, is clean-looking it was a bit too smooth for my taste. I am looking for a calm font with a hint more serifs and a dash of charm. And, of course, without any restrictive license or the need to embed scripts or CSS hosted elsewhere. Read More…

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Revising history: How to clean a git project prior to publication

by Hanno on Jul 27, 2020.

How to use git and git-filter-repo to investigate and deep-clean a git repository from any unwanted files, passwords or outdated author information – super useful when one unexpectedly decides to share that little private project with the world after all! Read More…

Tags: git, programming

How to keep a lossless digital music library with lossy mirror in a few lines of bash

by Hanno on Jun 13, 2020.

Using a short script, I mirror my flac music library into mp3 files making it easier to carry around with me. Read More…

Tags: scripts

New Blog and On Blogging with Emacs

by Hanno on Jun 13, 2020.

Emacs is great, and I have even begun to learn its native language recently: elisp. Within Emacs, org-mode is a fantastic tool for notekeeping, literate programming and generally organizing one’s life. So now it is driving this blog as well :) Read More…

Tags: emacs, thoughts